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British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme 

Hob Hey Dental Centre is a member of the Good Practice Scheme run by the British Dental Association. We have been a member since 2007. This scheme is externally audited and ensures that member practices work to high quality standards.

John Fleming now works with the British Dental Association as a Practice Assesor, he visits other member practices in the area and resports to the British Dental Association on standards

The Good Practice Scheme Member Quality Statement

Good Practice Scheme members are committed to supporting patients towards achieving and maintaining good oral health. Achieving the best possible outcomes for patients depends upon the skills and professionalism of the whole dental team. Here is a statement that sums up what Good Practice Scheme membership stands for:

1. We will work with you to provide care that meets your needs and wishes. We will explain what we are proposing to do and tell you about any significant risks. We will explain options and cost so that you can make an informed choice about your care and we keep all information about you confidential

2. We look after your general health and safety whilst you are receiving dental care by undertaking risk assessments and managing any potential hazards at our premises. Infection control and cleanliness is also essential for safety and we follow current guidelines on preventing cross infection

3. All our staff are given training in practice procedures, staff members responsibilities are clear and staff take part in continuing professional education to keep their skills and knowledge up to date

4. Our practice working methods are reviewed regularly and we ask patients for their views on our service in order to identify any opportunities for improvement

You can find more information about this scheme on the BDA Good Practice Scheme website page.