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Your Child's Dental Care 

testimonial 7Children are born free of dental disease, yet by adulthood 95% of the population has active gum disease and most people have experienced some tooth decay and even tooth loss.

It is our belief that disease can be prevented. Our aim is to provide your child with the best dental care available to secure their dental health. We ask parents to register their children from birth so that we can see them twice a year on the NHS to help them grow up free from dental disease.

However, if they do need treatment, we can offer them alternatives not generally available on the NHS, such as mercury-free white fillings.

To the children of members of our Dental Health Plan we can offer these alternatives on the same terms as their parents.

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View our videos below for advice on how your children should brush their teeth.

Infant Tooth brushing

Infant Tooth Brushing

Childrens Tooth Brushing

Childrens Toothbrushing

Childrens Technique

Childrens Technique