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In an Emergency 

In case of an emergency during practice hours, please contact the practice immediately. We will always endeavour to see our patients in pain on the same day.

If you require emergency treatment outside surgery hours - please telephone the surgery where you will hear a message detailing the specific arrangements for that day.

Out-of-hours emergency cover is provided under the terms of the NHS General Dental Services.
This is provided by Revive Dental Care and they will triage your emergency.

Telephone Number: 0161 476 9651

Emergency arrangements for Practice Plan Patients whilst on holiday

If you find yourself needing advice or emergency treatment whilst you are on holidays please follow these instructions:

  1. Make arrangements to see a dentist
  2. Pay for any treatment and KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS
  3. On your return, provide us with your receipts and we will complete a claim form. This needs to be done within 12 weeks of treatment. We will submit your form and receipts and you will usually recieve any monies less an insurance excess of £25

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01925 762998 or email us at

What to do if you lose your tooth in a Sports Injury

  • DON'T panic
  • DON'T hold the tooth by the root
  • DON'T wash the tooth in disinfectant or water or let the tooth dry out
  • DON'T put aspirin or clove oil in the wound
  • DO get to a dentist or hospital as soon as possible
  • DO gently push the tooth back into it's socket, if it is clean
  • DO keep your tooth in your mouth or put it in milk
  • DO take painkillers


We make individually designed mouthguards to protect your teeth during sport.
An impression of your upper teeth is all that is needed to make a snugly fitting mouthguard - far superior to shop bought.